Bundle of three paperbacks:

The Magic Hair Stick

I Am Not Too Small

Mummy…What Is Black Lives Matter?



Jaida has beautiful, bushy, curly hair. But every day she has a fight trying to do her hair and put in bobbles. However hard she tries, she can’t get it how she wants it to be, and her mum has straight hair. It’s just not fair!


One day, Jaida goes on a secret spying mission to find out how her mum gets her hair straight.


Will it be an easy mission? Will she want straight hair in the end?



Things seem to go wrong whenever Kree tries to help around the house.
She always ends up getting into trouble.
Mum and Dad say she is too small.


She wishes her parents would disappear and leave her alone with her baby sister.


But what would she do if it happened?
Would she want them to come back?
Could she look after the baby on her own?



Little Jaida has so many questions.

The year 2020 seems to be in chaos, and she doesn’t understand what’s going on.


She sees people on the TV shouting, “Black Lives Matter!” and she wonders what it means.


There’s also something called coronavirus stopping her from going to school and seeing her friends.


The adults are talking all around her and not telling her anything. Jaida’s frustrated and demands answers from her mum and dad.


But will the answers be what Jaida expected?



Paperback Bundle

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